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Crown Jewels Design creates one-of-a-kind browbands, stock pins, and jewelry for horse and rider. Each piece is handmade, hand-sewn, and hand-sourced from unique mines and distributors around the world. 

An educated consumer is our best customer.  Crown Jewels Design browbands, stock pins, and jewelry are not your average, mass produced equestrian product. We create for YOU. For YOUR horse. For YOUR style. Our stones and crystals are full cut with stainless steel running through the entire design then hand sewn with waxed bridle thread down through all the layers of leather.  We then close the back of the padding with a "baseball stitch".

We do carry a "Getting Started" line that is a machine made product with a Swarovski flat backed crystal set in a sturdy metal 8 prong setting. Don't be fooled by imitations or other products that are set with 4 prongs that are easily lifted when cleaned. These stones fall out! 

Our browbands are made with a custom sensibility. While designs can be recreated, stones often vary slightly in their patterns and matrices. We will always do our best to find the stones you are interested in, do not hesitate to Contact Us if you see a design you like but want something special. 

All leather is American or English made of the highest quality. Our ear loops are 1.5" to fit on all snaffle bridles and 90% of double bridles. Smaller or larger ear loops, and split ear loops can be made.

TWO RULES of hand-sewn beaded browbands: 

  1. DO NOT BEND THE BROWBAND IN HALF!  This will put too much strain on the anchors holding the wire and could loosen the strand. If this happens, get it back to Crown Jewels Design and we will resew it! All designs are covered by a 1-year warranty that guarantees the leather, stones, and stitching. 
  2. KEEP SADDLE SOAP OFF THE BEAWORK!  Certainly you can saddle soap the back side of the leather if it gets sweaty but don't run the oily, greasy sponge across the beadwork. It won't hurt the beads, but it will dull them! 


My hand sewn browbands are EASY to clean!  The beads are sewn DOWN so you can give them a bit of a scrub!

  • Use soft-bristle brush (horsehair) with warm water and hand soap to gently scrub the beadwork of sweat, hair, and other dirt. 
  • Spritz with Windex or other glass cleaner and wipe with a soft cloth. 
  • For the leather - saddle soap is fine!