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Custom Pet Collars

We love all of our animals, so why shouldn't your dog or cat also be outfitted in Crown Jewels Design? Pet collars can be made to order to match browbands and stockpins. Just Contact Us for more information!

Semi-Precious Stones, White on Pink Collar

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Semi-Precious Stones, White on Pink Collar


Our own super fine, butter soft leather.  Base leather pink, rolled edge White Patent leather.  Fancy silver & gold buckle set.  Stones shown here are genuine faceted Peridot, Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine and Citrine.  24-karat Gold over Sterling Silver.  11 inch total length.  Total width of collar is about 1/2 inch.  Tiny and fine!

We cut all of our leather from US or UK tanned hides.  We stitch down the rolled edge and hand sew each bead with waxed bridle thread down through the layers of leather.  We baseball stitch the backside to cover the stitches.  The only difference between our pet collar and the browbands is the collar ends with a buckle set instead of an ear loop.  We spend over 8 hours cutting and sewing.  That does not include design and stranding of the beadwork. 

We like to say these collars are "Sunday-Go-To-Meeting" collars.  Not for the dogs turned out in the woods, or for the dogs that play rough with their friends.  Even though we sew the beadwork down REALLY well, a dog can catch a tooth or toenail in the stitching and pull it free!  If that happens, we WILL repair the damage for only the cost of the replacement beads and a bit for the sewing. 

These collars are original works of art.  Your pet is worth it!


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